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Bouncy Boxing Ring

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Bouncy Boxing Ring & Gloves

Perfect for work events, parties, school break ups and more

Available for supervised or unsupervised

Entertaining Guests at Your Function
Planning a party can be a daunting experience. Normally for events such as a wedding, people
consider the actual wedding venue, and the reception. Often a DJ is hired, or a simple photo
booth, and perhaps a band. Often sometimes guests will complain of boredom, and if younger
people are attending the event they may expect something more lively.
After all of the formal parts of an event are over, guests often desire to completely let down their
hair and experience pleasurable and fun memories. For people who have been to a formal black
tie wedding all day, or some other sort of corporate event, or awards ceremony, it pays to offer a
juxtaposition to ensure that guests end the event with something completely memorable.

Super Castles Brisbane Offers Twister and Bouncy Boxing
For guests who may not feel up to participating in a jumping castle, or be enthusiastic about
getting up on a bucking bull ride, it pays to be a discerning events organiser, and provide
avenues of entertainment that are a little more genteel.
Bouncy boxing is a fun and entertaining function hire item, and Super Castles can set this up,
and provide all necessary safety equipment and instruction necessary for guest enjoyment.
Twister is a more slightly subdued game for guests, and Super Castles offers this time tested
amusement for guests who likely remember the game from their younger days.

Creating Memorable Events
When hosting a party, or organising an event, entertainment is often neglected as part of a
function, but it can often be what makes or breaks an event. Providing food is imperative, as
well as guest hygiene and convenience facilities, but for the most incredible memories, hiring
equipment that provides unique experiences is what will give you the best possible event for
your guests.
People remember experiences that they had at a party, and when the cakes are over being
served and it is weeks down the track, people are not likely to remember what the main course
is. People do however remember interesting conversations and totally novel events that kept
them happy and engaged with the activities. If you desire to please your guests, and have a
most wonderful occasion, creating memories through interactive experiences is the best way to
do so.

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Half Day Price: From $250Whole Day Price: From $330

Suitable for: Adults & Children

Available Overnight for an extra $50

 Floor SpaceHeight
Unit Size:5m x 5m3m
Required Space:6m x 6m3.5m
Indoors on Hard Surface
Outdoors on Grass
Outdoors on Grass (event)

Age RangeSuitable

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