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Need a Balloon ​Twister in Brisbane, Ipswich or the Gold Coast for a Kids Birthday Party? Hire a balloon twister that can impress your guests with Amazing Designs - Not just your Basic Sword or Dog!
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I want a Balloon Twister at my kids birthday party. Why are you different from other Balloon Twisters in Brisbane Ipswich and the Gold Coast?

We do quality balloon twisting that make adults gasp and wanting more. Super Castles Balloon Twisters give you that opportunity to have something truly impressive at your children’s birthday party.

You will not be able to find kids birthday party entertainment so affordable, yet so visually ​Stunning as having a kids party balloon twisting entertainer. We make incredibly super eye-popping designs!

However, If you have a lot of children at your party, or you are on a budget and only want an hour of balloon twisting, we can EASILY switch to FAST mode and make all the simple balloon dogs, flowers and swords that you need!

On average there are about 15 to 20 children at a children's birthday party. If you are looking for an affordable option with lots of children we recommend your Brisbane Ipswich and Gold Coast balloon twisting entertainer make all the children a simple, one balloon creation first off. The kids can run around like mad with it. That will take roughly 15-20 minutes (including re-making some accidentally burst balloons) The last 30-40 minutes can be used for making as many creations as possible in the time you have booked your balloon twisting party entertainer.

If want Balloon Twisting and MORE for ​your kids party.

No Problem Look at our Face Painting and Balloon Twisting COMBO